About the Artist



Throughout my life, art was never something that has served a clear and specific purpose. For others, art is a career, or  a hobby, or a way to capture memories. But for me, art is something that is simply there, present throughout every stage of my development and warping to fill whatever needs I had at the time. Growing up, that meant taking art classes to push away the boredom, or submitting my art to magazines and exhibitions to fulfill competitive urges. In high school, that meant discovering new ways to make art and providing a way to let out some creative steam. In college, art became even more entrenched in my life. Taking university-level drawing and painting classes has focused my observation skills and brought me patience. And in August of 2015, after being diagnosed with Guillain-Barré, art played a critical role in allowing me to regain my mobility and fine motor skills.

I created this blog in order to document how my relationship with art changes over time, while highlighting the specific moments and pieces that have had the greatest impact on me. I hope that this blog will inspire you to explore your interests with great intensity, for they might end up having influences that fill you with meaning and continuously mold your life to be vibrant and engaging.

Feel free to contact me via the contact page with any inquiries.

-Daniel A. Alfonso