I genuinely love lemons! Every morning I take a lemon, slice it in half, and squeeze out the juice into a glass of warm water for me to drink. It’s very refreshing and helps wake me up in addition to whatever caffeine I may later consume. Therefore, I thought it was only appropriate to pay homage to my favorite fruit with a couple of paintings.

My goal with this first oil painting was to try and walk the line between representation and abstraction. For this one, I used only a palette knife and directional marks to guide the composition. Texture is my favorite part about an oil painting and I believe textural approaches to oil paintings are vastly underutilized.

Two Lemons,” oil on Ampersand Gessobord, 6″ x 6″, Daniel A. Alfonso

For the next painting, I chose watercolors, as my inexperience with the medium demands a significant amount of focused practice in order for me to improve. I learned quite a bit from this painting, but I think a limiting factor for me right now is the Canson paper I’m using; it’s just not very good for wet-on-wet techniques, in my opinion. I’m going to try and pick up some Arches paper during my next trip to the art store.

Three Lemons,” watercolor on Canson 140lb cold press, 5.5″ x 8.5″, Daniel A. Alfonso






  1. I also enjoy drinking fresh lemon in water most mornings although I prefer with boiling water. It really is a great way to start the day!
    Your paintings are brilliant – I find the texture in the oil painting quite interesting and your watercolour is very well done!


  2. Love the tree lemons, I can almost taste them. Love lemons in my chicken soup. You did an awesome job with them.

    Daniel, I had nothing but trouble with the Canson paper. Is great for polychromos pencils. Try Fabriano Artistico fine grain. A bit more money but once you paint in it, you won’t go back to Canson. Arches is also great to work with.


  3. As a complete novice to art–and an old lady to boot–I enjoy the art you share. I was taking lesson no, but I think my art teacher dropped me for indecisiveness (trouble choose subjects–she can’t understand that). So I have been working on my own, with books, an occasional criticism from one or two artist friends, and YouTube. Thanks for sharing your work. It gives me ideas to try.


    • For me, choosing a subject is also the most difficult part of artmaking. I often spend just as much time planning my subjects and compositions as I do actually painting it. That’s why it’s very important to immerse yourself in the art world by researching other artists, keeping a collection of images and ideas, and reading about techniques in order to generate stocks of material to work from.

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  4. I like that you’re playing with moving back and forth between mediums. I find watercolors less satisfying to paint with because I miss the “gush” of oils and acrylics. There’s something so satisfyingly tactile in the thicker mediums, though I do enjoy the immediacy watercolors can lend. Keep playing!


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